Battle Ground Mobile India Early Access?

Battle Ground Mobile India Early Access and Release date available?

Hey guys, welcome to the post, the big news has arrived today for the fans, lovers waiters whatever you call them, for Pub-G.

Yes, finally from today onwards Battle Ground Mobile India is now available in early preview or can say it early access, it’s like dream comes true for those who were eagerly waiting to launch.

Alright, yet BGMI is available on play store can download it, but it’s not easy to download it!

Don’t worry this will be easy if follow steps below.

How to download Battle Ground Mobile India?

To download the game all you need to do is you have to access its early build means you have to register in its beta version. Let’s take a look how to register for beta access?

  1. Open Battle Ground Mobile India website
  2. On the Home Page, you’ll get an icon of Early Access Now!
  3. Click on that Now, you’ll get a Page that says Become beta tester along with the button
  4. Click on Become Beta tester
  5. Voila, you’ll be able to download it in beta version.

What’s new?

Currently, I personally didn’t face anything new in newly available BGMI! However, Krafton successfully able to bring BGMI in India then potentially in future Krafton might merge Pub-G New State features in it no body yet sure about it let’s see what happens in the future!

Battle Ground Mobile India Official Release Date?

Currently, there’s no update BGMI official release date However, there may be a chance that it could be available for everyone either by end of this month or next month!

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