Windows 11 release date? What’s new?

Windows 11 release date? What’s new?

Whether you know it or not a few days ago we got to see a windows 11 developer preview leaked by someone inside Microsoft perhaps.

Some of you must’ve tested out in VM (Virtual Machine), if you haven’t not an issue in this post I will share everything about that developer build and more!

Alright, Microsoft is holding a press on 24th June 2021 at 11 AM ET or approx. 8:30 PM IST, Event will be streamed on windows official YouTube channel and will be hosted by CEO Satya Nadella potentially, Microsoft can announce Windows 11 in this event.

What’s new in Windows 11 leaked version?

We installed windows 11 on a virtual machine after installing the very first screen we interacted with the set-up wizard screen, it is redesigned by Microsoft in Windows 11 you’ll get a new feel and a new look I mean enhanced edition! There are some animations too while setting it up.

Windows 11 release date? What’s new?

Then we noticed a new cool start-up sound, also if you take a look at the below screenshot windows this time has changed its icons to fancy decorated or styled.

Not only that but also there’re animations while opening-up any app from the task bar.

This time around you get to see new feature of customize window which means you can be able to open pages or windows side by side in order!

This was a developer preview but we expect to see much more in Windows 11.

Will Windows 11 be free?

Currently, no one has any idea about it whether will windows 11 be free or not, but when I tried to activate it through Windows 10 Product key it got activated, as we know Microsoft always provided free update initially so we may expect Windows 11 too.

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